Tuesday, September 7, 2010


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The Butterfly Effect , How Your Life Matters  was written by Andy Andrews. He  is the New York Times bestseller author of “The Noticer'”, “The Traveler’s Gift” as well as children’s  book “The Boy Who Changed the World” .

I recommend this book to everyone! Best-selling author Andy Andrews showed the truth that we were created to make a difference. Every single act we do- big or small, good or bad matters to the people around us. Give this book to everyone you care about. This will encourage them to live a life of purpose. What an inspiring gift!

This book encouraged me to continue to serve in the ministry. There are so many people who need just one act of love to change their lives. All we need to do  is just to offer a smile specially to those who may not think they fit in or extend a hand or speak a word of encouragement to those who may be facing problems or pains. Let’s change the world by revealing The Butterfly effect of Christ love. Our role is to help others to flourish and  be successful  for God’s Glory. Enjoy Reading!





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  1. I was just reading another blog about this same topic. She was talking about Max Lucado's book Outlive Your Life. I was telling her that I think when we take our strengths that God has given us, and use them to serve God, even if we think it's something small He can take it and make it big!!
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