Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why we homeschool?

I found out about homeschooling on June 2008, when my dgroup friend told me that she decided to homeschool her child. About that time, i began researching in the internet, joined homeschool groups and homeschool forums. Then, I began asking questions and gathered informations from experienced home school parents & teachers. I found out that Homeschooling is a way of life  that I was looking for ... or others would say, "Homeschooling is a lifestyle"-- for people who loved having fun learning and spending time with the family.

The decision was a little bit scary. What if  I couldnt do it???As a homeschool mom and teacher, what if I wouldn't be able to do the right thing, I would just messed up my child's life... She was a consistent honor student in her school and varsity player in Taekwondo with Php % tuition scholarship... t'was really a very hard decision... sooo my family prayed about it for a year and on July 2009 we enrolled in TMA homeschool.  It turned out to be the best year ever! We can do things that interest us and not told what to do and how to do it. We'd been to a lot of places with lots of learning experiences that we can relate to our subjects and had fun and freedom in all the things that we learned.  No pressure at all, so she can choose what project to do,what books to read, what sports to practice and have time to do it. I didn't mean that we don't have UPs and DOWNs in our homeschooling journey, some of the normal homeschool family,  there were also quitting moments in our journey, but by God's grace and wisdom we were able to do it! We're done with our first year. My Eldest K is an upcoming 4th grader and my 3yrs. old CurlyTops   whom I independently homeschooled hand-in-hand with GOD, learned  many things than those preschoolers who were sent to regular school by their parents.

Most of  our friends (acquaintances) that  we (chad & I) spoke to thought that we were depriving our children with SOCIALIZATION or they would asked, "what about socialization?". They thought we're out of our minds. Hmmm... we just SMILE:) and told them, we have a lot of socialization and  it's not really a problem. My kids are not anti-social or agora phobic, In fact, they are very friendly and more sociable than other kids. We did a lot of "laag" (outings/ excursions) & incorporate it in our lessons. We have lots of friends in the gym and in the church where they can also make new friends... as a family, we also socialized with each other and enjoy each other's company.

Home schooling requires a lot of  sacrifices. It requires TIME... time for a life time!!  For my strength & wisdom, I have to cling to Jesus to lift me above the weight of each day's task because  it is impossible to teach without God's guidance. Aside from academics,  I have to teach them God's word by talking about Him everyday, at every opportunity  from their waking moment  until they drop off to sleep.

It is really my prayer that my children will walk in the Lord and will grow up in stature, wisdom and in favor with God & men.

Happy Homeschooling !!! Registered & Protected

Try homeschooling...these are the curriculum we are using:

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